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Nowadays, stationary metal detectors are used not only in airports, for what they were originally developed, but also in banks, offices, government buildings, museums, cinemas, etc.

Stationary metal detectors are still the most widely used device for mass monitoring of people for the presence of concealed weapons and other metal objects that can be used for organization of terrorist acts or for criminal purposes.

Stationary impulse metal detectors, developed and manufactured by LAVANDA-U company, are designed to detect cold steel and guns, as well as other metal objects hidden under human clothing. They can be used for security procedures on the objects with controlled access (airport, armory, bank, etc). They allow you to quickly identify the passing mass of people and more carefully check persons carrying metal objects with them.

The "POISK" line of metal detectors includes 12 models designed to solve the problem of detecting guns and large metal objects hidden in a person's clothing.

The main principles laid down in the development of "POISK" metal detectors are: low price, simple design that allows to assemble the product in a short time and without special tools, easy operation that allows to operate the product by personnel without prior training, targeted use of the product (installed program that allows you to detect weapons and large metal objects with a high probability (0.98 or more) with low false positives from personal items.


General characteristics for all models of " Poisk " metal detectors are:

- Automatic calibration after switching on and during operation;

- Ability to adjust the sensitivity in a wide range;

- Folding design, easy to install;

- Low power consumption;

- Possibility of connection of up to three metal detectors located side by side (less than 0.5 m) without synchronization cable;

- Safety for service personnel and inspected persons.

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