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Pilot-M1 premium - portable explosive vapor detector.

The detector is designed to detect explosive vapors when analyzing air samples in real time or after sampling by a sampling device, as well as particles of explosives after collecting them with sampling wipes when examining the surface of various objects.

The detector is favorably compared out with «Pilot-M» and «Pilot-M1».  «Pilot-M1 premium» has color graphic display that displays the signal level and the ionogram (plasmogram) of the sample. By the location of the" peak", you can conduct a preliminary identification of the detected explosives, that allows you to minimize the number of false alarms.  

More than 1 million of ionograms (plasmograms) can be saved in the detector’s memory.


Gauze sampler pump together with a metallic gauze sampler set is intended for collecting samples (microparticles) in a dusty and smoky environment. The sampler pump is powered by built-in rechargeable battery.

Sample heater allows to analyze samples taken from the surface of controlled objects, and thereby significantly expands the detactor’s capabilities, namely: 

- to detect explosives in the gas (vapor) and solid (micro particles) phases;

- expand the nomenclature of detected explosives through such volatile substances as RDX, ten, octogen and compositions based on them, including plastic and elastic explosives;

- reduce the dependence of the detection capabilities on climatic conditions: humidity, temperature, and air turbulence;

- perform nearly simultaneous sampling in multiple locations using Gauze Sampler Pump and/or swab samplers.


Key features:

 -  high level of sensitivity combined with high selectivity;

 - wide range of detectable explosives;

 - readjusting the threshold detection level depending on background conditions;

 - no isotopic source;

 - no special calibration operations;

 - no special gas supply.


TNT Threshold Sensitivity  (under +20°С), not less than, g/cm3


Minimum detection limit for trace amounts of explosives (under +20±2°С),

not less than, g









Response time, no more than, sec


Warm-up time, sec



Audio & LCD

Power Supply:

- AC

- DC


190242 V / 50 ±1Hz 7.2V

Operation conditions:

- Temperature, °С

- Relative humidity (under +25°С)



up to 95%

Dimensions, mm


Weight (with battery), kg


The detector is capable to detect traces of explosives based on nitroglycerine (NG), EGDN, trinitrotoluene (tol, trotyl, TNT), PENT (tetranitrapentaerythrit, pentaerythrittetranitrate, Pentrit, PENT), hexogen (RDX), oktogen (HMX), tetryl (Tetril) and nitrocellulose powders, engaging mixing explosives on their ground: Semtex and other plastic and elastic explosives on the basis of RDX, PENT or their mixture, B-type compositions (ТГ-20, ТГ-40, ТГ-60, ТГ80, МС, ТГАФ), C-type (C1, C2, C3, C4, ПВВ-4, ПВВ-5А, ПВВ-7, ПВВ-12М, ЭВВ-11, ЭВВ-32, and etc.), H-6, HBX, Minol-2, Amatol (amatol, аммонит № 6-ЖВ), Primacord, Primasheet, Tetritol, Tritonal, Cordit N, A-IX-1, A-IX-2, A-IX-20, octols, ocfols and other mixed explosives of Russian and foreign origin.

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Pilot-M1 premium
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