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Explosive detectors

In recent years terrorism has become widespread through the world due to use of explosives. The fight against this illegal phenomenon has become an international issue. The use of explosive devices (IEDs) by terrorists, camouflaged in household items, hidden in cars and even under a person's clothing, usually leads to a great number of victims and causes significant material damage.

The problem of detection of explosives and IEDs is relevant around the world due to the increasing cases of these devices being used to carry out terrorist acts.

Timely detection of explosives, explosive objects and revealing of explosion organizers is of great significance for preventing terrorist acts. It can be done by checking the surface of objects, hands or clothing of a suspect. The elements of the explosives would be detected if there’re any. Usually dogs and complicated electronic equipment are used for this purpose, often they do not allow to examine the suspicious object carefully.

Often, the dog's ability to search for explosives and IEDs is significantly limited by the influence of external factors, especially in urban and industrial areas (paint and oil vapors,1 as well as the presence of other animals, noise, and so on). In addition, even well-trained dogs do not realize how carefully you need to handle a likely IED, and their actions can provoke an explosion.

The task of searching for explosives can be successfully completed with the help of portable explosive vapor detector "Pilot" series, developed and manufactured by "Lavanda-U" company. It has unique tactical and technical characteristics and can detect vapors, as well as trace amounts of explosives indoors and on transport (automobile, air, railway, water). Detection is carried out by taking air samples from inner space of inspected objects or from their surfaces and analyzing them for the presence of explosive vapors.

List of detectable explosives using devices of the "Pilot" series: nitroglycerine (NG), EGDN, trinitrotoluene (tol, trotyl, TNT), PENT (tetranitrapentaerythrit, pentaerythrittetranitrate, Pentrit, PENT), hexogen (RDX), oktogen (HMX), tetryl (Tetril) and nitrocellulose powders, engaging mixing explosives on their ground: Semtex and other plastic and elastic explosives on the basis of RDX, PENT or their mixture, B-type compositions (ТГ-20, ТГ-40, ТГ-60, ТГ80, МС, ТГАФ), C-type (C1, C2, C3, C4, ПВВ-4, ПВВ-5А, ПВВ-7, ПВВ-12М, ЭВВ-11, ЭВВ-32, and etc.), H-6, HBX, Minol-2, Amatol (amatol, аммонит № 6-ЖВ), Primacord, Primasheet, Tetritol, Tritonal, Cordit N, A-IX-1, A-IX-2, A-IX-20, octols, ocfols and other mixed explosives of Russian and foreign origin.
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